Q6. When eXERD is running, the message "JVM terminated. Exit code=-1" appears.

A6. The memory set in the eXERD.ini file in the folder where eXERD is installed is too large for the available memory This is a problem that can occur if it is set.

Please set the value of memory set in the eXERD.ini file to a smaller value before running it.

Default Settings for the eXERD.ini File


-Xms128m option
Set the initial heap memory to be used when eXERD runs to 128m (megabytes).
A value smaller than the value set for -Xmx should be set, and the more memory specified, the faster the initial execution speed.
-Xmx256m option
Set the maximum heap memory that eXERD can use to 256m (megabytes).
The more the maximum value is set, the better it works even when working on a large scale.

※ The maximum value differs depending on the memory installed in the user's system.
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