Comparing Models

In eXERD, comparing models is composed of settings about identification method and settings for comparison.

Comparing Dialog

Although most of the comparing models is automatically established, it is also possible to use Comparing Models Dialog and interacts with the user; for example, when it is needed to get user's confirmation, or when the user wants to compulsorily change the generated strategy as shown below:

Identification Method

The identity identification method means the method that judges whether two specific elements are the same in two documents compared.

Method Applicable Elements Description
UUID Based - When a same files is copied and edited
- When comparing with the old version of the same files.

eXERD issues a unique ID if new elements are created on editor. Using this, it judges identity. Even if the logical name or physical name is changed, it can trace changes of the elements.

You can use this method in case of editing in one editor, or working with a copied file. If there is no relationship, or if comparing with DB, this method is not available.

Name Based - Two eXERD files made individually
- Comparing a file with DB

This method judges the identities using logical/physical names. If the names are the same, it recognizes as the same element. If the name is changed, it recognizes that the existing elements are removed and new elements are.

Normally, identification method is set automatically, but if unavoidable it asks to the user or the user can select the comparison method forcibly.