Importing an ERwin File

You can import content of ERwin to eXERD by using [Import ERwin XML File].

How to Export in ERwin

  1. Select [File > Save As].
  2. Select XML at [Save as type].
  3. Select [AllFusion Repository Format] at XML saving option.

Import ERwin

  1. Right-click the folder that situates files converted to eXERD.
  2. Select [Import].
  3. Select [ERwin] eXERD items.
  4. Choose the ERwin XML file to import,
  5. After setting domain processing method, click [Finish].
  6. Converted eXERD file is generated and the editor opens automatically.

Domain Method

Method Description
To import including basic domain To import including domains which ERwin treats as basic properties.
To import except basic domain To import domains that user writes.
Not to import ERwin domain Not to import domain written in ERwin. All the information of the domain is copied to column.

In case of checking "Auto Alignment", tables are optimally in eXERD.

Supporting version of ERwin File

Supporting ERwin XML File Version:

Supporting Database

Supporting ERwin Properties


ERwin file to import should be a file written in logical/physical mode or in physical mode.

ERwin file to import should be imported to XML with all the included information.