This article describes how to create a file in XScript.

Acquisition of file

To create a file, you first must obtain a file object first. You can get a file object as shown below:

Creating a file object directly

 * Relative path: 	
var file = newFile("test.txt");

 * Absolute path: Create test.txt file in helloWorld project.
var file2 = newFile("/helloWorld/test.txt");

Letting Users to select a file

var file = promptSaveFile();

Writing a file

To write content in a file, you must obtain OutputStream object from the file object. Below is the method to get OutputStream object.

var file = ...;
var outputStream = file.getOutputStream(); // Get OutpuStream

Once obtaining the stream, you can write content as below:

var outputStream = ...;

outputStream.printf("%s(%df)\n", "Smith", 32);

Content of the file:


Below is the example of printing out all the names of columns and data types:

var outputStream = ...;

	return it.get("type") == "column";
	outputStream.printf("%s : %s\n", it.get("logical-name"), it.get("data-type"));