Editing Diagram

You can make E-R diagram by simple editing such as adding new entities (tables) and connecting them with relationship in eXERD editor.

Tip! Don’t be perplexed for erroneous editing or executing a wrong function. Marvelously, almost all the functions can be undone by clicking Undo ( Ctrl + Z ).
Note! New diagrams are given their name by rules set at Preferences > Naming Rules.
See! "Diagram Shortcuts"

Adding a new Diagram

Adding a new Table

Editing a Name

After selecting a target, press F2 key or DOUBLE CLICK it to change into 'edit' mode. The names of all the elements of a diagram – such as tables, columns, etc. – can be edited as follows:

Adding a new column

When a specific table has been selected, you can add columns very fast using shortcut key.

Tip! You can add new columns if press the shortcuts even during editing names.

Connecting Relationship

You can connect relationship between tables in a simple way. The way to connect identifying and non-identifying relationship are the same. Therefore, here we explain with the example of non-identifying relationship.

Switching Between Logical and Physical Mode

You can switch between logical/physical modes with the button on toolbar or shortcut "F3"

Adding a Note

You can write necessary explanations by adding notes in a diagram.

Collapsing Tables – Whether or not Display Columns

You can set visibility of the columns in the table.

Useful Functions

You can do E-R modeling with more ease and convenience by using various functions of eXRED besides basic tips explained above.