eXERD Editor

See! "Keyboard Shortcuts"

This is a basic editor for .exerd file. It is optimized to make E-R diagram and provides intuitive and convenient interface.

eXERD Diagram Editor

The tool bar on top of the editor provides almost all the functions needed. On mouse-over on each button, simple explanation and the shortcut key is shown.

If you select a table or a column and open the pop-up menu(context menu), you can execute various edit commands as follows:

eXERD Diagram Editor Menu

Zoom In / Out of Diagram

You can use zoom control in the bottom of the editor to zoom in/out diagram fast.

Tip! You can zoom in/out by moving mouse wheel with Ctrl Key.

Zoom Control

Adding a Diagram

You can add/edit by using pop-up menu on the diagram tab in the bottom of the editor.

eXERD Diagram Toolbar

Arranging Diagram Tab

You can change tab order by using Sort on the pop-up menu of diagram tab in the bottom of editor.

eXERD Diagram Toolbar

You can change the order directly or arrange ascending/descending order.

eXERD Diagram Toolbar

Diagram Editor Settings

You can set diagram rendering quality and notation of relationship line at Diagram Editor Settings in pop-up menu.

eXERD Diagram View Setting

Or go to the menu Window > Preferences > eXERD > Diagram Editor

Diagram Settings