eXERD Performance Tuning

Note! This page is written for users who use eXERD Windows Installer version and who don't know eclipse environment.
Tip! Eclipse users can soup performance of eclipse up by changing eclipse.ini. So please read this page carefully.

eXERD runs by options set in eXERD.ini on the installed folder.

If you adjust memory option in eXERD.ini to suit your system environment, you can improve the performance a lot.

Memory Option of eXERD.ini

Two lines at the bottom are settings about memory which eXERD uses. Don't change other lines.

Note! Change eXERD.ini like above if you are a eXERD Windows Installer Version 1.2 user. If you enter all options in one line, eXERD cannot recognize normally so it will use only 64M memory.


As shown below, in case of occurring out-of-memory error in large project, you can solve this problem by increasing -Xmx value.

Refer to the following specific examples of system memory capacity, please set the value fits in your system.

Note! Although there is plenty of memory installed in your system, the available memory might be small depending on how much the running processes are using up.
Note!In case of setting too big a value compared with available memory, a dialog box like below will appear when you run eXERD.

In such a case, decrease the value and launch the program again.

Status of eXERD Heap Memory

Check heap status display at Menu : Window > Preferences > General.

At the right corner of the bottom line of the program, you can see the status of memory usage.

Tip! If the memory use keeps coming close to the maximum value specified, increase -Xmx value in eXERD.ini.