Filtering in Java Views

Applying View Filters

All Java views allow to filter the displayed Java elements. The set of available filters depends on the view.

To filter elements:

  1. On the view toolbar, click the Menu button and choose Filters....
  2. Select or clear the filters that you want to apply to the view (read Filter description to learn about the selected filter's functionality).
  3. Optionally, you can select patterns for filtering the view:

Filtering Members

Several Java views (e.g. Outline, Type Hierarchy, Members) offer filtering of members (fields, types and methods). The filters are available as toolbar buttons or as view menu items, depending on the view. There are 3 member filters:

Additionally, the Package Explorer view can display or hide all elements inside compilation units.

To show or hide members in the Package Explorer view, select or clear the Show members in Package Explorer checkbox in the Opens the Appearance preference page Java > Appearance preference page.

Filtering Working Sets

Several Java views (e.g. Package Explorer, Type Hierarchy) offer to filter by one or more working sets. The filters are available in the view menu. Only the elements that are contained in the selected working sets are shown in the view.

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