Product with nested tests

Layout on file system

Steps for defining a corresponding project

  1. Click Opens the Java perspective Window > Open Perspective > Other... > Java to change to the Java perspective.

  2. Click Opens the New Java Project wizard File > New > Other... > Java Project to open the New Java Project wizard.

  3. Type "Product1" in the Project name field. Click Next.

    New Java Project wizard

  4. On the next page, Select "Product1" source folder.

    Click Link additional source link in Details pane or button Link Additional Source to Project in view bar.

    Java Project Source setup

  5. In Link Source click Browse.... and choose the D:\Product1\JavaSourceFiles directory.

    Type "src" in the Folder name field.

    Link Source dialog

  6. Click Finish to validate and close the dialog.

  7. Expand the "src" source folder. Select the empty package "tests" and set it as source folder using either Use as Source Folder popup-menu item or button Use as Source Folder in view bar.

    Java Project Source setup

  8. Your project source setup now looks as follows:

    Java Project Source final setup

  9. Click Finish.
  10. You now have a Java project with two source folders: "src" and "src/tests" which contain respectively the D:\Product1\JavaSourceFiles directory and the D:\Product1\JavaSourceFiles\tests directory.

    Created Java project in Workspace

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