Code Formatter Preferences

The Opens the Formatter preference page Java > Code Style > Formatter preference page lets you manage your code formatter profiles for the Java code formatter.



Active profile

Selects the profile active for the workspace or current project.


Shows a dialog which displays the settings stored in the active profile. Only user-defined profiles can be modified.


Removes the selected profile. This action is only available on user-defined profiles.


Shows the dialog to create a new profile. The dialog requires you to enter a name for the new profile. Additionally, you may select a built-in or user-defined existing profile to base your new profile on.


Imports profiles from the file system.

Export All...

Exports all the profiles to the file system.


Displays a sample how the active profile formats a Java code snippet

To change your formatter options you can either select one of the built-in profiles or create a new profile. To create a new profile select New.... You can then edit the new profile by selecting Edit....

If your project is shared, e.g. through CVS, and uses a formatter profile which is not managed by yourself (you have not created the profile) then the profile will be marked as Unmanaged Profile. You are not allowed to change such a profile, only the creator (manager) of the profile can change it.

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