Java Task Tags Preferences

Task tags can be configured on the Opens the Task Tags preference page Java > Compiler > Task Tags preference page. When the tag list is not empty, the compiler will issue a task marker whenever it encounters one of the corresponding tag inside any comment in Java source code. Generated task messages will include the tag, range until the next line separator, comment ending or non-empty tag, and will be trimmed. If the same line of code carries multiple tags, they will be reported separately.

See the Compiler preference page for information on how to enable task tags in your source code.




Adds a new task tag. In the resulting dialog, specify a name and priority for the new task tag.


Removes the selected task tag.


Allows you to edit the selected task tag. In the resulting dialog, edit the name and/or priority for the task tag.


Sets the currently selected task tag as the default task tag. The default task tag is the one that is used in the code templates as specified on the Code Templates preference page. The default task tag is displayed in bold font.

Case sensitivity of the task tags can be specified at the bottom of the preference page using the option Case sensitive task tag names.

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