Java Editor Typing Preferences

Indicate your preferences for the smart insert settings on the Opens the Typing preference page Java > Editor > Typing preference page. Those preferences are only considered if Smart Insert Mode appears in the status line. This can be toggled in the Edit menu.




Automatically close

Select for which characters a closing character should be inserted when typing the opening character.

All on

Automatically insert at correct position

Select which characters should be automatically inserted when they are required.

All off

Enter key adjusts the indentation on the new line

If enabled, smart indentation will be used to indent the new line after pressing the 'Enter' key.


Tab key adjusts the indentation of the current line

If enabled then the 'Tab' key can be used to indent the current line.


Adjust indentation

When pasting Java code from the clipboard adjust its indentation to the current indentation level.


Update imports

When pasting Java code from the clipboard add the required import statements to the import section.


Wrap automatically

If enabled, string literals are wrapped when they exceed the max line length.


Escape text when pasting into a string literal

If enabled, special characters in pasted strings are escaped when they are pasted into an existing string literal.


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