Display View

The Display View displays the result of evaluating an expression in the context of the current stack frame. You can evaluate and display a selection either from the editor or directly from the Display View.

Display View

The commands available in the display view are listed below.

Display View Commands





Clear View


Clears the current contents of the view.

Context menu and view action
Copy Selected Statements Copy Copies the selected statements to the system clipboard. Context menu
Content Assist Content Assist Opens the content assist popup for context sensitive coding assistance Context menu
Cut Selected Statements Cut Copies the selected statements to the system clipboard and removes them from the view. Context menu
Display Result Display Displays the result of the selected statement inline in the view. Context menu and view action
Evaluate Result Execute Runs the selected statement. This action is analogous to running the statement in normal code. Context menu and view action
  Find/Replace Allows you to search for and replace specific statements, or portions of statements Context menu
Inspect Result Inspect Result Allows you to inspect what the return value of the selected statement will be. Context menu and view action
Paste Paste Copies material from the system clipboard into the view Context menu
  Select All Selects all of the statements in the view Context menu

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