Using the remote Java application launch configuration

The Remote Java Application launch configuration should be used when debugging an application that is running on a remote VM.  Since the application is started on the remote system, the launch configuration does not specify the usual information about the JRE, program arguments, or VM arguments.  Instead, information about connecting to the application is supplied.

To create a Remote Java Application launch configuration, do the following:

  1. Select Opens the Debug Launch Configuration dialog Run > Debug Configurations... from the workbench menu bar (or Debug Configurations... from the drop-down menu on the Debug tool bar button) to show the launch configuration dialog.
  2. Select the Remote Java Application in the list of configuration types on the left.
  3. Click the New toolbar button. A new remote launch configuration is created and three tabs are shown: Connect, Source, and Common.
  4. In the Project field of the Connect tab, type or browse to select the project to use as a reference for the launch (for source lookup). A project does not need to be specified.
  5. The Connection Type field of the Connect tab allows you to choose how you will connect to the virtual machine. In most cases, you will be attaching to the vm at a specific location, in which case select Standard (Socket Attach). the rest of these instructions assume you have chosen this option. The Standard (Socket Listen) connection type creates a launch that will listen for incoming connections from a remote VM. You will need to specify a port that the launch will listen at.
  6. In the Host field of the Connect tab, type the IP address or domain name of the host where the Java program is running.
    If the program is running on the same machine as the workbench, type localhost.
  7. In the Port field of the Connect tab, type the port where the remote VM is accepting connections. Generally, this port is specified when the remote VM is launched.
  8. The Allow termination of remote VM flag is a toggle that determines whether the Terminate command is enabled in the debugger. Select this option if you want to be able to terminate the VM to which you are connecting.
  9. Click Debug. The launch attempts to connect to a VM at the specified address and port, and the result is displayed in the Debug view. If the launcher is unable to connect to a VM at the specified address, an error message appears.

Specific instructions for setting up the remote VM should be obtained from your VM provider. 

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