Restoring a Deleted Workbench Element

  1. Ensure that a Java view that show Java elements inside files (such as the Outline view) is visible.
  2. Open the compilation unit to which you want to add a previously removed Java element from the local history.
  3. Activate the editor by clicking its tab in the editor area, and the Java view shows the content of the Java file.
  4. In the Java view, select the element to whose container type you want to restore the deleted element.
  5. From the type's pop-up menu in the Java view, select Restore from Local History.
  6. In the upper left pane of the resulting dialog, all available editions of the selected element in the local history are displayed.
  7. In the left pane check all elements that you want to replace.
  8. For every checked element select an edition in the right hand pane and view its content in the bottom pane.
  9. When you have identified the edition that you want to restore, press Restore. The local history editions are loaded into the editor.

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