Starting offline

The team CVS tutorial will start by working offline and creating a simple project. Once the project is created, instructions will be given explaining how to commit it to the repository. 

  1. Create a new "General" project using File > New > Project > General > Project. Use a unique name as the project name (e.g. JanesTeamProject). 
  2. Create a folder named folder1.
  3. Create two text files (.txt) in folder1 called  file1.txt and file2.txt. Their contents should be as follows:


    This is the contents
    of file 1.


    File2 is a small file  
    with simple text.

    The navigation view should now appear as follows:

    Project Explorer view

The project can be continued within this mode but unless the project is committed into the repository, others on the team will be unable to work on the project as well.