Searching for text within a file

The Go To selection in the pop-up menu for one of the navigation views allows you to quickly find a resource in the Workbench by searching resource names.

You can also do contextual searches for information that is contained inside files in the Workbench. To find all files that contain a particular string of characters:

  1. On the main toolbar, click the command link Search button search icon.
  2. Type your search string in the Containing Text field, or use the pull-down list to select a previously entered search expression.
    Use \ as an escape character for search strings that contain the special characters *, ?, or \, (for example: d:\\directory\\filename.ext).
  3. Finish entering your search options, (for example, to scope the search to specified file types), and click Search.
  4. The Search view displays the results of your search. Right-click on any item in the Search view to open a pop-up menu that allows you to remove items from the list, copy search results to the clipboard, or rerun the search. To open one of the listed files, double-click it or select Go to File from its pop-up menu.

If you close the Search view, you can return to it later by selecting command link Window > Show View > Other... > General > Search.

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