Working with fast views

If you have converted the Project Explorer to a fast view it will appear in the shortcut bar as shown below. 

Show fast view

To work with a fast view proceed as follows.


In the shortcut bar click on the Project Explorer fast view button.


Observe the Project Explorer view slides out from the shortcut bar. 

Fast view


You can use the Project Explorer fast view as you would normally.  


To hide the fast view simply click off of it or click on the Minimize button on the fast view's toolbar

Minimize button


Note: If you open a file from the Project Explorer fast view, the fast view will automatically hide itself to allow you to work with the file.  

To convert a fast view that has been maximized back to a regular sized view, select Restore from the context menu of the icon in the top left corner of the view. To reposition a fast view, drag the fast view's title bar (or close the fast view and then drag its button from the shortcut bar) and drop it on the workbench like a normal view.

An empty fast view bar can be hidden using the 'Hide empty fast view bar' preference on the command link General > Perspectives preference page.

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